Chief Navigator and token bizarre alien


Flight Lieutenant “Ghost” is the name assumed by the hive-mind of eukaryotic life-forms that serves as the Hypatia’s chief Navigator and Astrogator. One of the very few non-humans onboard the vessel, Ghost – like most intelligences of its kind – is exquisitely skilled at thinking and comprehending three-dimensional space.

Ghost seems to take joy in explaining the curiosities of its existence to humans: its species are single-cellular eukaryotes, but highly social, forming into symbiotic colonies. Larger colonies develop a greater degree of shared sentience, autonomy, and personality, but even the largest colonies tend to be transient, as the natural order of life in the gas giant they call home is the consumption of smaller colonies by larger, and large colonies by the vast number of smaller, less-formed colonies.

The Flight Lieutenant is an unusual specimen, in that it has maintained a more-or-less consistent personality and outlook for several years, and has actively chosen not to return to its home and the cycle of consumption and rebirth.



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