All characters have five stats: Cool, Hard, Hot, Sharp, and Will. Each stat is largely narrative – it represents how well you do a certain range of things, rather than a specific trait. Your “Hard” may be the stat most associated with kicking ass and taking names, but how that particular ass-kicking manifests is largely to your discretion.

Stats range from -2 to +3, with an average stat being 0. As the Apocalypse World system requires you to roll a 7 or higher (on 2d6+Stat) to achieve success, a score of +1 or higher represents noticeably above-average abilities.

Stats are determined through a simple point-buy system, as follows:

  • All stats begin at +0.
  • A stat of +1 costs 1 point, a stat of +2 costs 3 points, and a stat of +3 costs 6 points.
  • A stat of -1 gives you 1 extra point, and a stat of -2 gives you 3 extra points.
  • You have 5 points to distribute at your discretion.


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