Nobody’s really sure how it began, not anymore. It was so many generations ago. There was a homeworld, our Earth, in another galaxy, millions of lightyears from our own. The tales differ – sometimes there were too many of us, and too few resources. Sometimes there was a great civil war that threatened to exterminate our entire species. Sometimes the war was with alien species, or artificial intelligences. But in all the old stories, it’s always a catastrophe that drove us away. We didn’t leave peacefully: we fled into the night.

The Great Arks left Earth centuries in the past, vast and swift colony ships, each a nation-state unto itself, each equipped to survive and thrive wherever they could make landfall. We escaped into the empty black, and generations of our ancestors lived their lives aboard these ships, passing on stories of the home that was – and the home we hoped to find. We parted ways, sent the seed of our people in every direction, to every galaxy we could hope to reach – Triangulum, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pegasus, Tucana, Cetus, Pisces, Setans, Antlia, and of course Andromeda.

I couldn’t tell you how many Arks are still out there, how many never made it, how many found a home too far removed for us to ever know. Aside from our own, we’ve found two others near enough for contact. Negotiations are… complex, but ongoing. The search for the others continues, even after all these centuries. It must continue, until we know the fate of every Ark bound for Andromeda. Yggdrasil, Seine, and Diana were not alone. We won’t abandon our sisters to the void.

There are more than one trillion stars in the Andromeda galaxy. Nearly a millennium after our arrival, we’ve still seen only a bare handful.

Keep your eye to the black. There’s time for one more star.