First Session and Beyond

Before we start…
There are a couple things the group should work out amongst themselves!

Firstly, the seven hundred pound great-horned space chimp in the room. Who’s in charge of this band of misfits?

Secondly, the much more fun business of figuring out your ship. You’ll all decide communally the answers to a few questions, and I’ll give you a ship WORTHY OF YOUR GREATNESS. Or something along those lines.

 Where does it come from, and who built it?
 What was it originally built for?
 What does it look like?
 What are its most noteworthy strengths?
 What are its most noteworthy weaknesses?
 What’s something interesting about it?

Lastly, each player will create one NPC that serves aboard your ship. Give them a name, a look, an outlook – and let me know.
About that OPEN-SOURCE thing!
So you know how I said I’d give you experience, cookies, and bad candy for adding things to the setting?

…yeah. I’ll totally give you experience, cookies, and bad candy for adding things to the setting. Specifically, that’s going to work like so:

 You can get up to 1 free XP every game session by writing up A NEW THING for the game universe. With no upper limit to how much XP you can get like this.
 You can also forego taking the XP and ask for a piece of bad candy instead. You’ll get something interesting as soon as narratively plausible.
 I plan to give people cookies anyway, so you can just sit back and enjoy those.

When you’re writing up a new thing, whether it’s a planet or a species or a totally cool superstructure or a medicine-resistant new strain of Space Herpes, all I need is for you to answer the following questions about it:

 What is it?
 What’s the stereotype about it?
 What’s the reality?
 How would you like it to interact with the game? (Note: I don’t necessarily promise to adhere to this exactly, but I’ll make an effort.)
 Briefly (in a paragraph or two), what’s the history?

First Session and Beyond

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